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Canada’s most effective OSCE study guide

Every medical student in Canada must pass Objective Structured Clinical Examinations to become a doctor – but OSCEs are not easy to prepare for, and study aids specifically suited to the tests are few and far between.

The Edmonton Manual is the best OSCE study aid available, and an invaluable resource for every medical student in Canada. New 5th Edition Available! Order Now

The Edmonton Manual has been designed to help you ace your OSCEs: divided by medical specialty, more than 140 common clinical scenario are presented in a concise, easy to read two-page format.

Each two-page spread relates to a chief complaint. From diagnostic criteria, differential diagnosis, focused history and physical exam, to relevant investigations and management, everything you need to excel at each clinical scenario is provided.

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First published in 2010, the Edmonton Manual was developed by an editorial team made up of medical students, residents, and physicians at the University of Alberta. Now in its fourth edition, the Edmonton Manual has been updated to include more stations, new content and a more-portable, lay-flat design.
Created by medical students, residents, and faculty; the team behind the Edmonton Manual understands what is necessary for success in medical education. Every doctor in Canada must pass the OSCEs—the Edmonton Manual will help you excel at them.

Section Editors

  • Family Medicine Sheny Khera MD CCFP MPH, Assistant Professor,
 Department of Family Medicine, University of Alberta
  • Internal Medicine Rith Chea MD FRCPC
, Assistant Clinical Professor,
 Division of General Internal Medicine, University of Alberta
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Sujata Chandra MD FRCSC, 
Associate Professor,
 Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Alberta
  • Pediatrics Melanie Lewis BN MD MEd FRCPC, Associate Professor,
 Department of Pediatrics, University of Alberta
  • Psychiatry Jorge Perez-Parada BSc MD MSc FRCPC, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
, University of Alberta
  • Surgery Kamran Fathimani BSc MD FRCSC FACS, Assistant Professor,
 Department of Surgery
, University of Alberta
  • Physical Exam and PHELO Lisa J. Steblecki MD MPH CCFP, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Alberta

2016-2017 - Editorial Team

  • Editor-in-Chief Mark McKinney BSc, Marvi Cheema BSc
  • Senior Director of Marketing & Sales Patrick Vallance BSc
  • Senior Editors Colin Andrews BSc, Parnian Riaz BSc, Patrick Vallance BSc
  • Associate Editors & Video Production Team Benjamin Roth BSc, Reid McKibbon BSc

2015-2016 - Editorial Team

  • Editor-in-Chief Nikhil Raghuram PhD
  • Senior Director of Marketing & Sales Haran Yogasundaram BSc
  • Senior Editors Mark McKinney BSc, Marvi Cheema BSc
  • Publishing Editor Susie Lindquist BA, BSc
  • Associate Editor Haran Yogasundaram BSc
  • Junior Director of Marketing & Sales Patrick Vallance BSc

2013-2014 Editorial Team

  • Editor-in-Chief Brent Turner BSc
  • Senior Director of Marketing & Sales Henrique Fernandes BSc
  • Senior Editor Nikhil Raghuram PhD
  • Junior Director of Marketing & Sales Haran Yogasundaram, BSc
  • Publishing Editor Susie Lindquist BA BSc
  • Junior Editors Mark McKinney BSc, Marvi Cheema BSc
  • Associate Editors Henrique Fernandes BSc, Haran Yogasundaram BSc

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The Edmonton Manual is the premier study aid for the OSCEs, and a perfect way to study for the College of Family Physicians (CCFP) exam, as well as Part I/II of the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC).

The Edmonton Manual is a reliable resource for patient encounters in the clinic, on the wards or in the emergency room. With additional chapters on essential clinical skills (EKGs, blood work, radiology) and physical examination, the Edmonton Manual is an important bedside tool for all physicians in training.

Advantages of the Edmonton Manual

  • Over 140 scenarios, covering all major specialties: family medicine, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics, and psychiatry.
  • Updated Fourth Edition featuring revised “to the point” content with new figures and tables
  • Red Flags focus your attention on sinister differentials.
  • Includes chapters on Essential Clinical Skills, Physical Examination and Population Health, and the Ethical, Legal, and Organizational aspects of medicine (PHELO).
  • Easy to follow, two-page approach summarizes your history and physical and provides relevant workup and management of common diagnoses.
  • Abbreviated formatting allows for a quick review targeted specifically for OSCE preparation.

Video Tutorials

  • Don't quite understand how a test is done? Need a cohesive approach to a physical examination station? The Edmonton Manual is proud to showcase our freely available physical examination videos of common OSCE stations. For quick reference, page numbers of relevant sections within the Edmonton Manual text are displayed on screen. New content will become available over time so be sure to check back regularly!

  • Video Tutorials

The Edmonton Manual is a vital tool for all medical students and residents, no matter their year of study, and will continue to be a valuable reference as you move into residency and beyond.

The 5th edition of the Edmonton Manual is now available!

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